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I love music, art & social tech, and I make some too.

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Jan 30


Jan 26

Pricing defaults in the creator economy are weird given how comparatively cheap streaming services are. I understand why most people wouldn’t want to throw $5-10/month to a single artist when they’re paying $10-15/month for Spotify (note: I have feelings about Spotify’s pricing model) But I’d tota...Read more

Jan 25

My kind of “content” is random unfiltered thoughts thrown into the public ether

Jan 24

Earlier in my adult life, I’d written multiple entire albums - with liner notes & storyboards for music videos & marketing plans & everything - and scrapped them due to impostor syndrome. Even after starting to put them online in 2014 and generating some light interest among friends, I bailed on any...Read more

Jan 23

I really think my personal brand of “anxious yet privileged and moderately talented with too many ideas without the time to execute on them” is really gonna work this time