brandon lucas green

brandon lucas green

Product builder / musician / writer in Massachusetts. My debut album THROW MYSELF INTO THE BAY is out now. Buy or stream anywhere:


Sep 30

Underrated strategy for getting things to go the way you want: Being nice and/or vulnerable

Aug 11

Now that I work on a product in the social / creator economy space, I’ve really appreciated the Garbage Day newsletter. It’s a great way to follow & understand the weird cultural things happening on the internet, and why we’re seeing different trends and behaviors on different platforms. Highly reco...Read more

Aug 8

As a product person, I sometimes wonder:Do the people working at [insert company] think their product(s) are good for the world?

Aug 7

If someone asks me to do something or I think of something I need to do, I immediately capture it and set a reminder for the next morning.  Not today, not an inbox, but explicitly tomorrow morning. Why? Because it forces me, every morning, to take a look at everything I need/want/am asked to do, ...Read more

Jul 25

I cannot emphasize enough how helpful playing or listening to music daily is for my self esteem, motivation, and demeanor.